Roller Blinds

Roller blind completes the look to a window and intelligently combine both technology features as well as aesthetics elements. With its durability and practicality, it is often a popular choice for both offices and homes. Not only is Roller Blinds versatile, they are also easy to use and maintain. With more than 300 designs & fabrics to choose from,  finding one that enhances your decor is definitely obtainable.

Office, Homes, Bathrooms

Features & Benefits:
Easy operation
Ease of maintenance
Wide Choice Of Fabrics
Cost Efficient
Privacy Control
Heat Reduction
Child safety (*cordless/motorized system)

Motorisation: Yes

Types Of Fabric:               Day / Dim Out / Blackout
Available Material:         PVC / Polyester / Ecotex
Types Of System:            Pulley Chain / Spring Chain / Ultra Wide / Cordless / Motorised