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Shade Matters is the preferred soft furnishing supplier for many home owners, interior designers and architects. Offering a myriad range of curtains & blinds fabrics. Our window treatment products includes curtains, blinds, solar films. In addition, we also specialize in wall coverings, re-upholstery services, and outdoor shading solutions.  Dilemma on what to do with your windows? Curtains blinds or both? We understand how daunting it is to look for what seems to be the best window dressing! Here at Shade Matters, we challenge the needs for both style and function for your home. Our team of experienced consultants who poesses strong in-depth technical knowledge are ready to assist you in getting the best product for your window solution. We know the impact what window dressing can affect the overall design & aesthetics; hence we are committed in delivering only the best piece of window dressing to meet the desired look & feel.

At Shade Matters, we take pride in providing professional and reliable services.


We believe that a window treatment must not only serve its purpose as a window covering to provide shade and privacy. It is also an important element in influencing the overall design and aesthetics of a living space. Our guiding principle works around helping our client select a best suited functional window treatment product, yet enhancing the overall design concept that reflects your aspiration and distinctive style.


At Shade Matters, we commit ourselves to clarify your needs, interpret your preferences and bring it to life. It is our responsibility to assist our clients to decide the best suited soft furnishing or window treatment products. We are also commited to deliver quality goods on time.